What Works for Training Students in Wig Making

We Build on Your Learning Strengths!  

We all learn differently. This is called multiple intelligences and there is a large body of research on this. We use this approach at the Wig Training Centre.  

We will teach you the skill of wig making according to how you learn best. It is our job to understand your strengths before we help you make wigs.  

  • You might see the world through pictures.
  • Maybe you need to be physically active when you are learning new skills.
  • Perhaps you are musical and need to have songs in the background.
  • Some of us learn through group work and talking about things.
  • Some of us are introverted and learn best when we quietly work on things alone.
  • Some of us learn best when we are outside and interacting with nature.
  • Some of us prefer to learn one-on-one with the instructor.
  • Some of us like numbers and are good at math.

Our intensive, individualized approach is based on science. You can’t learn how to make wigs in a couple of hours. It takes time.

We Welcome All Kinds of Learners.

Studies show that when we are picking up a new skill, like sewing, we need to do it in a class where the teacher is showing us how to do it. We sew at the same time as the teacher is showing us how to do it.  

Is English not your First Language?

No Problem! The instructor has been an ESL teacher for many years.

We Cater to Special Groups!

Are you a man?
Are you deaf or hard of hearing?

Are you a senior?

We Help you Pick up Skills!

Think about when you first learned to drive a car, or when you had your first child. Maybe you were taught hands-on by a family member or a friend. You learned to drive or how to be a good parent over many hours of practice.  

None of us does well when someone drones on in a monotonous voice. The best kind of teaching is very interactive.

We Use An  Intensive, Individualized Approach

More class time = better wigs 

More time with the teacher = better skills

We take our time to help you learn best.  

Low student-to-teacher ratio ensures teaching is geared to your skill level and experience. 

Some wig making companies try to convince you that all you need is half a day or one short day. You don’t walk away with a completed wig, and you have to buy all the materials. 

We Focus on Skill Empowerment!

Your new skills will empower you to have a vision for your future and provide you with a way to make money for the rest of your life!  

We Awaken Your Mind and Body!

We all have skills. It is our job to spark yours into action.  

“Doing is better than watching.”

We Walk the Talk!

Your knowledge will increase as you gain experience with Maria in the classroom. You will develop the skills to make you an expert in wig making.


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